As we drove up to the ship my eyes flooded with tears. So many times this thought of living on this ship with our family crossed our minds the past years. It was hidden in our hearts, but I never thought it would be reality. As we drove up to our new reality I couldn’t help but overflow with gratitude that God carried us here. Our friend was playing “Good Good Father” on the radio in the bus at the time  and I agree, He is a good, good Father. And my prayer is that I will come to realize it more and more quickly when we weather storms. What a journey so far and we haven’t even left yet!

Praying today:

Our friends’ little boy, Charlie had a bone marrow transplant on Tues. we are praying his body accepts the new cells and He is healed.

My sister- in- law’s dad was diagnosed with lymphoma. Praying for healing for him and comfort for Meredith.

Annabell and Adriel’s little sisters need a forever home. We are praying God brings the right family for them.

Our team is still working and that we will be able to sail soon.


3 thoughts on “gratitude 

  1. We are praying for all these people and for your family to .We love you all so much. Leeanna is getting ready to leave for Lenoir-Rhyne,I know we will miss her.Please keep her in your prayers . `The children look like they are settling in real good .Well guess I will close for now love to all  aunt Eunice and uncle Robert


  2. Love you all sooooo much. Miss you all even more. It’s been a tough week for little man but we are staying true to Gods word. I can’t believe you are our rock but you are all the way in Africa and we met over a year ago!! So much has changed and God is SO GOOD. We all think of you everyday and pray for you even more!

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