Happy 7th birthday Maya Papaya

Our sweet Maya turned 7 today. She loves deeply and teaches me about people over tasks everyday. She is going to learn how to conquer her fears before I do and I am so proud of how she has grown this past year. She will offer to take her brother’s consequences and calmly talk Hannah out of a fit. She is not a fan of long car rides or boat rides. She is sensitive and feels things more than anyone else in our family. She is strategic and thinks things through in detail.  She is stylish. She is the only first grader on Mercy Ships right now. She has an amazing teacher and classroom just for her this year. And she is worth it! 

Today on her birthday, she had friends come by, got some cool presents from her bro and sis, worshipped on the bow of the ship in the ocean, did gymnastics in the “international lounge” as the ship rocked, had the bell rung in the dining room for everyone to sing to her and gathered with everyone for ice cream after dinner.  Our training group got together to celebrate her, but instead of singing, she wanted a hug from each person. So thankful for this fierce, deep 7 year old. 



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