while I sleep

Brian is getting more and more into running.  We are blessed with a dock, so he is able to run, even when he is on call.  If you saw the dock, you would think it is a ridiculously small space to run long distances, but comparatively, it’s a big space.  And if you have the determination of Brian Barki, you make it work.  Below is a picture of his route when he just happened to decide to run a half marathon one morning.  He has often run in the pouring rain or intense heat.  Actually, there are times I can’t tell when he gets back if it was pouring down rain or if his shirt is wet from sweat, his shirt will look the same…. gross!

This morning, he woke up and said it was raining AND lightning, which meant he couldn’t run.  It was quite early and we were talking about how we haven’t seen rain here in weeks.  When Brian went to get breakfast, he came back and said that the tents had collapsed last night.  The tents are where all our patients have follow-up appointments after their surgery (rehab, speech therapy, dressing changes, etc).  It is also where the surgeons see the patients to decide if they can actually have surgery.  A lot happens in those tents.  As I walked out on the deck, the tents looked just fine.  Before 6 am, people in our crew put the tents back up, probably in the rain and lightning.  I don’t even know who did it, but it all happened while I slept.


Brian’s route for his half marathon!

This is why God continues to amaze me in this place.  He uses people’s muscles, knowledge and determination to keep everything going.  Perhaps there will be some set backs for the teams today because the tents collapsed.  However, I’m pretty confident people will still have their appointments and still be loved, because a few people used what they are good at and stepped up, bright and early.  Thank you whoever you are.  Thank you God for bringing us talented, hard working people.  Our crew are not just people who “will do whatever it takes.”  Our crew are talented, skilled individuals who allow God to use their gifts.  It’s not just medical knowledge.  Maybe you have a gift that could be used here?



The tents on our dock, which help the patient’s care have a truly lasting impact!