Capacity Building



“When I was twelve, I saw a woman on TV…her husband had burned her with acid – her face had become fused to her neck, so she could never look a person in the eye. There was not one plastic surgeon to help her in Benin. That’s when I chose my profession…”

Oudray  (BEN), Benin’s first and only plastic surgeon, explains what initially inspired her career path. She’s pictured here with volunteer surgeon Dr. Tertius Venter (ZAF) onboard the Africa Mercy, using the ship’s time in Benin to hone her skills so she can better serve her country.

Our Medical Capacity Team works to help make sure we are leaving a lasting impact in the countries we serve.  They are constantly evaluating and expanding the ways they do this.  One way this team does this is through a train the trainer program, designed to teach professionals how to teach simple methods that can vastly decrease mortality rates of mothers and babies in the OR. “Doctors and nurses here know the most complex concepts, but its the simple things that aren’t being taught – the simple things that can determine whether someone dies or lives,” says neonatal volunteer AFM nurse, Lindsay McCurley.

Would you pray that God would empower the country of Benin to take care of their people?  Thank you for letting us be here!




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