The hospital is in full swing!  One of our patients had a very large surgery yesterday, and our chief Medical Officer asked everyone on the ship to pray for her surgery.  He made an announcement last night that the surgery went really well and to pray for her long road of recovery.  I was sitting in the public area of the ship and everyone started clapping.  It was such a joy filled moment and cool to see how everyone was involved in this girl’s care: the plumbers, business people, teachers, housekeepers, YOU, the list goes on and on.

Here are some pics of some of our brave patients.  They face so much to get here.  Most live in remote villages, so to travel so far and come on a big ship with lots of people speaking crazy languages who look different, smell different, etc can be more than scary.  They have to be so brave to come here!  We take for granted what is normal to us.  Things like door handles are foreign to many of the people we serve, but they come anyway not really knowing what is going to happen but filled with hope.  Please pray for them.  These are not just emotional images we see on a screen, they are real, awesome people!



Hospital Open House

A few nights ago, the hospital was opened to the entire crew and we got a little preview.  There were stations throughout the hospital, such as sterilizing instruments, being a nurse for a day, making the bed race, performing surgery, giving fruits injections, and much more.  I love our crew!


More and more crew are arriving to the ship each day. The dining room gets louder and louder each meal. Every year, we hire local workers who work on the ship and live in town, they are referred to as Day Crew.  They have started working and it’s so exciting to meet people from Cameroon. They are thrilled to help people of their own country.

The first surgeries are on Tuesday!

Please pray for everyone involved as we get everything ready.


Hannah started Karate!  Let me tell you, she is fierce!


Maya had a great, messy birthday turning 9 years old!  

Maya watching our arrival ceremony and wearing a henna by her talented friend, Megan!

Our new cabin is big enough to host the OR team for dinner, and it’s been nice to hang out with them.  

Many of the crew (adults and kids) play ultimate frisbee on the dock each Friday evening.  AND, you will see that we can see green trees from our dock, which is a big deal becasue before I’ve only seen concrete.  Since BJ seems to be missing from all my photos, he is in this one, one of the blurs of neon.