Brandon’s First Blog

We asked Brandon to write his first blog.  It’s only been about 3 years, but we thought it was about time!

First a quick update about the end of the field service:

The last scheduled surgeries of the Cameroon field service have taken place.  The hospital closes next week.  It’s been an awesome, but long 10 months.  We do need prayers in particular for one patient that will need ongoing care at a local hospital.  Please pray for continued healing for him after the ship leaves.

And now, for Brandon’s blog!

“On board the Africa Mercy, while the adults are working hard, the children attend the school. It is normal school for children ages 1 to 18, except that they do a few different activities. Field trips to the beach, going to an orphanage, and swimming at local pools are just some of the many activities that the children get to do, but on this occasion, the children in 6th to 12th grade got to shadow a department on the ship.  While doing this activity, there are many job options and you have to choose. Some options include engineering, teaching, and supply.

This year I had the privilege of shadowing the communication department. They are in charge of marketing and publicizing Mercy Ships. Jobs in this department include photographers, videographers, writers, and media liaisons. Over the course of three days, I followed two photographers, two writers, and a media liaison.

My first day was spent hosting a group of Dutch donors. My second day I got to shadow a photographer. On that day I learned how to edit and process photos. My third and final day, I went to the patient recovery site called the H.O.P.E. Center where I followed a patient and took pictures for a little bit. Then for the rest of the day I was with the writers, and interviewed crew for stories that are posted online.

I really enjoyed photography (I had already been interested in it before) and editing pictures in LightRoom. During this job I also realized how important the communications department is to the ship and organization.”

Some pictures of Brandon and pictures that he took and/or edited: